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Memorial Day: A Day of Rememberance

Papa Does Preach


Well, we come to another Memorial Day. This is one of my favorite federal holidays. This is the day that we have designated to say thank you to our brave men and women who serve in our military. Not just the ones serving at this very moment in lands far away, and in areas of great peril, but more importantly, we say thank you to the memories of those soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice; the soldiers that have died on the field of battle.

I fancy myself a pretty patriotic person. I may not agree with most of what our government is about a lot of the time, but that has never affected the way I view the men and women who wear “The Uniform.” I spent some time in the military myself. This probably adds to my patriotism a bit.

I don’t talk about my time in…

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You Broke Me

Papa Does Preach

“Daddy, you broke me!”

Through heavy sobs, the words came spilling out of his mouth. Eyes, red and bloodshot from crying so intensely; even causing him to do that heavy, shortened breath stutter, making his head shake with every gasp for his next breath.

I knew this day would come…and admittedly, selfishly, avoiding this day is one of the reasons I used to say I never wanted to have kids.

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Does a Clock Worry When it’s Time to Unwind?

#MothersDay meets #FBF meets #OnFridaysWeHaiku

Mother of Serendipity

Motherhood clockworks:
the balanced pendulum swings 
in constant motion. 

Tug the weights too much
– pendulum energy shifts – 
wrecking ball mood swings. 



Inspired by all the mothers we celebrate this month, the amazing women of Mommitmentas well as this week’s prompt from Haiku Horizons

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Fine Tune Talk Time (with help from TiffinTalk)

By now you may understand how TiffinTalk‘s cards have become a trusted piece of my parenting toolkit. Why? Because every morning my Boy and I have a few new questions to think about, and at the end of the day, we have something besides “what did you do at school today” to chat about. Conversations that aren’t related to TV shows or the coolest apps.

Mother of Serendipity

We live in a fast-paced, sensory-bombarding world. Raising two kids in New York City, the days and weeks whiz by as quickly as an express subway through a local station. Finding ways to slow things down and connect with my kiddos one on one is crucial.

If you’re nodding your head, maybe you’ll recognize a question I find myself asking daily: Where did my precocious six year old stumble on that random factoid, wild idea, shockingly new vocabulary? I bet you also know the trick of trying to use such random comments as an opportunity to tease out some enlightening and/or meaningful conversation.

That’s the dream. How it works with my Boy who has ADHD? Just as the light of some real talk seems to be peeking out, Life happens (or a shiny object skips across his mind’s eye), and the moment is put on hold. Once you circle back to the topic your kid has forgotten what they wanted to say. It…

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