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What Happened when I got my Daily Goodie Box?

Who doesn’t love getting goodies in the mail? Especially if they are FREE!!
Here’s the scoop on this fun service.

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The killing game.



My face emerged from the water, breathless, and I squinted at the summer moon.

eeeee- zzzzzzz-pssszzzzzz-eeee

Blue light spilled over all the trees surrounding the pool, and my dad stood with his hands on his hips and his chest pushed out, self satisfied in the glow.

“Hear that, Gel? That’s the sound of mosquitoes getting zapped. I think that machine there will finally take care of all these bugs.”

I smiled and dove under the surface again, avoiding a kamikaze horsefly.

That summer, and all the summers I can remember of my childhood, clouds of mosquitoes swarmed through every play date, every cook out, every diving contest, every back yard race, every breath. My sister and I, pox-speckled by the Fourth of July, grew up falling asleep to the unique symphony of Wisconsin crickets and our own relentless skin-scratching.

I tried to tune out the voices downstairs.

I held my breath and…

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Sexual Assault: A Hidden Double Standard

Food for thought? Nope. No need to think it over, Papa is preaching to the choir on this one, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Papa Does Preach

I want to paint a picture for you, if you would allow me. First, while I am not a huge fan of the overused term Trigger Warning, some may find topics discussed here triggering because of events that have happened to them.

So, the picture: Imagine if you will a person, for the sake of popularity; mainly in the form of “likes” or “shares” or “views” given out during this age of social media, going around and filming themselves touching people of the opposite sex, and filming their reactions to post on the internet. “But Mike, what do you mean by touching?” Well, I’m glad you (I) asked.

How about touching like, grabbing their hand without their permission, or putting their arm around them, or stroking their face without that same permission? What about just outright kissing them?? Like, not even giving them a chance to say anything; just…

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