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Now What? Be Fierce, Be Kind, Be Positive

Mother of Serendipity

Last night, frightened and anxiously seeking security, I wrapped myself in my fuzzy blanket, snuggled up to my husband,  and struggled through a night of fitful sleep. 

This morning, I woke in the quiet of a new day, perhaps a new moment in history. As I so often do, I snapped a photo of the sunrise. The buildings, the sky, the air, it all looked blue as dawn broke somewhere in the distant grey horizon. 

But there was a little light, just some streaks of pink and peach, peeking from the underside of the clouds. 
Not exactly a silver lining, but I’ll take it. 
As much as I’d like to stay wrapped in my blanket weeping for an uncertain tomorrow,  I have dried my tears. I will not concede to the dark madness. This is a new day; there is too much work to be done. 

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I frequently write about the struggle to find the bright side of life and motherhood, looking out for unexpected treasures, and committing random acts of photography in my adopted hometown of NYC.

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