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Now What? Be Fierce, Be Kind, Be Positive

Mother of Serendipity

Last night, frightened and anxiously seeking security, I wrapped myself in my fuzzy blanket, snuggled up to my husband,  and struggled through a night of fitful sleep. 

This morning, I woke in the quiet of a new day, perhaps a new moment in history. As I so often do, I snapped a photo of the sunrise. The buildings, the sky, the air, it all looked blue as dawn broke somewhere in the distant grey horizon. 

But there was a little light, just some streaks of pink and peach, peeking from the underside of the clouds. 
Not exactly a silver lining, but I’ll take it. 
As much as I’d like to stay wrapped in my blanket weeping for an uncertain tomorrow,  I have dried my tears. I will not concede to the dark madness. This is a new day; there is too much work to be done. 

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Women I Admire Day 29: My Mom, The One That Never Was #WomensHistoryMonth

Papa Does Preach

I bet you didn’t expect this curve ball coming, did you? If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you’ve read about my abusive past with my mother, and if not, you might want to hit up the archives.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and evaluating of my life recently. I don’t know, maybe it’s because every day it feels like 40 is getting closer and closer (because it literally is dummy, that’s how days work. Ugh, this guy).  One of the major things I’ve landed on, even though I’m still trying to reconcile it in my mind, is that two things that are opposite of each other can still coexist in the world of truth. And this is causing havoc as I try to relate it to my past. Did that make any sense? Ok, here’s an example: you can love someone but…

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Nine Tidbits From Nine Years Of Marriage: My Advice To Newlyweds

The Angrivated Mom


Just a couple of weeks away is my ninth wedding anniversary. 9th! My mind is totally blown over that. It’s gotten me thinking in all different ways about how it was then and how it is now, how I thought it would be and how it really turned out. I’ve been thinking about the little girl dream I had of marriage and the reality of the marriage I am in now. It’s a mysterious wonderment as to how we’ve made it this far. Especially with some of the seriously intense trials and tribulations that we’ve endured as a couple, the kind where many others can barely find the strength to rebuild their own life after facing, yet we’ve managed to rebuild ourselves and our marriage. With all of this reflection, I thought I’d share some of the tidbits of advice I’ve realized that have kept the hubs and I going…

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Women I Admire Day 21: Misty Browne, Faith, Conviction and Love #WomensHistoryMonth

A beautiful piece about my beautiful friend.

Papa Does Preach

I don’t actually how to start this story. How do I tell the story of someone I admire, but also a person I know little to nothing about them? Will I be able to write that story? Will people even believe me, or with they think I’m just making it up or trying to fill space? Will anyone even read that story?

Sure, those are all things I could, and maybe still do, worry about, but the real question I have is, will I be able to do this story justice with what little I factually know? Will I be able to tell this person’s story to the level that they deserve? Will they even read it? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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Playing With Lady Luck

The Angrivated Mom


Karma is a bitch they say, as Lady Luck rolls her cursed die.

Chasing after rainbows while freezing rains pour out from the sky.

The odds are slim and the risk is high, but, still, you go all in,

Neverminding the price to pay for the cost of your eternal sin.

The deck has been stacked with those cards counted in vain,

This gamble of pleasure won’t pay out, causing you even greater pain.

A spin of the wheel, a pull of the lever, chips toppling across the table,

Anything to prove life can have the happy ending read in childhood fables.

The longing for a winning streak, a jackpot hit with shrill bells that ring,

Anything at all you’ll take in greed, just for once your supper you won’t have to sing.

The stars above in the heavens you bastardly curse have a much different plan,

For it takes far…

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Things I Learned From My Mom

Mother of Serendipity

yellow-rose-1This post first appeared on my MySpace page back in June of 2007 under the title “Things Mom Taught Me”.  It was one of two posts I wrote to honor my mom on the third anniversary of her death.

Some of these pearls were passed along as advice. Most are just the kernels I gleaned from the 30 years I had with her.  That sounds like such a long time, but it was far too short.

As Mother’s Day is Sunday, and my mother’s birthday is the following week, I thought it would be fitting to repost. I considered trying to organize it more concisely, or add new commentary. But I think, for now, I will leave it as written.

From growing up in a military life where cocktail parties and wives’ clubs never went out of fashion, along with a mix of common sense and southern hospitality, my mom…

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Fiercely Letting it Shine

Mother of Serendipity

A few nights ago a friend reached out to me, dismayed that as Serendipity I am not shining a light on the real struggles many parents face every day. I fail to talk about the daily grind many face to put food on the table, to carve out quality time with their children, if they even have a chance to see their kids at all.

For a moment, I admit, I felt like lashing out. Although I knew she was giving me her thoughts with and out of respect, I was really hurt. Frankly, I was also confused, because I certainly struggle with things beyond dropping my full Venti Starbucks Latte* all over the bathroom before Girl’s ballet class.img_0086
*Yes, that happened. Funnily enough, I don’t think I posted about it. Because it was a day that was full of highs and lows and in the end, there is no…

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