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In a Whiz – Chimichurri into Aioli – It’s All Good

Need a little something to spice up your favorite dishes? Try this!

Mother of Serendipity

Confession time: Sometimes I get a little overzealous buying greens. 

Maybe it’s because I have access to about 15 different produce and farmers markets in my little corner of NYC. Maybe it’s because my intensions are often better than my eating habits. Regardless, I end up with a, sad, wilted, and unappetizing. 

Rather than waste these abandoned lettuces littering my crisper drawer, I went in search of a recipe that I could hide them in — and I found one! The Chimichurri recipe found in Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Turshen’s book, It’s All Good, which calls for Italian parsley and cilantro. 

I know, I know, not all greens are alike. But I am one of those lucky humans who tastes soap when I eat cilantro, so I’ve been substituting it with arugula for years. Why not just replace the parsley with the sad looking red chard or kale or spinach that I…

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One soul-crushing truth about love (as told by a couples therapist)


Sometimes, in couples therapy, I end up inadvertently crushing the souls of eager young couples.

To begin the initial session, the wife offers some banal reason for making the appointment; she may add how many years they’ve been married and the names of all their kids, and not even once break eye contact or pause to jog her memory. The husband punctuates her comments with a yawn and scratches the thigh of his khakis where his wife has just tried to set her hand. Their legs are crossed away from each other, and it’s February 16, but there’s no sign of new jewelry and the husband begins to twitch and stare out the window. When he lifts his arm and lovingly places it behind his wife, his wrist juts her neck forward so that intentional effort is required for her to not just stare at the floor the entire season.

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Dear Son, Don’t Ever Change

Papa Does Preach

Well my boy, we’ve made it another trip around the sun – you’re fifth now. Wow, 5 years old…where has the time gone? I know, it’s not like you’re graduating from high school or anything, and are heading off to college, but I can’t help but look at you, in this moment, and feel a profound sense of emotion.

I know that’s not a big surprise with your dad; I’m all the emotions, all the time. But recently your mother and I have both found ourselves marveling how much you’ve grown; not just physically, but in every other sense of the word…and clearly how much we’ve grown because of you.

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The Unmastered Parent

Sara Green

Today. Honestly, I don’t like you. And I know that I should be appreciative but you’re kind of like that annoying hum of a fly that I can’t capture to quiet. Yeah, I’m well aware that you could be a wasp that stings me in the ass but the noise is maddening. I’m trying to find the precious moment of holding my daughter as she sleeps her first sickness away in my arms. But, all I feel is the heat trying to escape. There’s no point to dress or shower. She’s having a hard time holding things down. The boys aren’t fighting. That should bring much relief. But it’s not. They’re sick. Today, I’m not strong enough for you. I’m trying to put aside my own pain but each step becomes harder and weighed down with exhaustion as the time ticks. This is a juggling act that I…

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