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Love Will Trump Hate

delicate things

I am a woman.
I am a lesbian.
My girlfriend is Muslim.

After yesterday’s election, these are now three reasons for me to be scared, worried,  disgusted, and sad. My country failed me, and every other woman, and every Muslim, and every person of color, and every member of the LGBTQ+ community.

I can’t change the results of the election, but I can choose how I move forward in my life for the next four years. I choose love and tolerance for those with a different opinion. I choose to hold strong to my beliefs, and use this as motivation to get involved. I can no longer tell myself that one person can’t make a difference. This is too important.

I desperately don’t want my right to get married to be taken away. I want to be able to have children on my own terms, and I want my girlfriend to…

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I frequently write about the struggle to find the bright side of life and motherhood, looking out for unexpected treasures, and committing random acts of photography in my adopted hometown of NYC.

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