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Empathizing with both sides: Unpopular but necessary.


PTSD: A state of hypervigilance in which danger is expected, which results from exposure to life-threatening stimuli, and often leads to extreme and impulsive reactions to even benign scenarios; It is often accompanied by hopelessness and helplessness, paranoia and anger. PTSD is not contagious, but is passed down in families and through societies by the traumatizing behavioral reactions that often stem from being traumatized.

Would you not have a post-traumatic mindset if you had witnessed and endured the most deprive aspects of humanity targeted at you and those you love: Jusyified oppression, captivity, murder, and violence? Would you remain hopeful, patient, and the picture of emotional health when raising the next generations of your culture? Would your children’s children be taught the psychological skills, let alone be provided the resources to break through the generational effects of trauma?

African Americans have been managing their obvious exposure to trauma in various…

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I frequently write about the struggle to find the bright side of life and motherhood, looking out for unexpected treasures, and committing random acts of photography in my adopted hometown of NYC.

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