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A Dad’s Take on the Mom Blogging Controversy

I’d like to paint you a picture. Imagine a kid walks into a room. And let’s say this room is a meeting place for some kind of activity they’re a part of (i.e. a club, debate team,…

Source: A Dad’s Take on the Mom Blogging Controversy

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Baggage Restrictions On Easy Street

The idea of recommital seems like another way for our psyche to carry the weight of the past into the future.

The Angrivated Mom


This post is part of a Blog Challenge called Secret Subject Swap. Details can be found at the end. My “Secret Subject” was:
May is National Recommitment Month. Is there something in your past that you’ve started and never finished? Why did you quit? Is it something you can recommit yourself to?

In honor of Sigmund Freud’s birthday today, I took a psychoanalytic approach to my subject instead. Enjoy!

People are quitters by nature. Very few have the gumption to hold out and see something through to the finish, especially if they hit a snag, snare, or pothole along the way – and that is perfectly okay.

We are creatures of developmental comforts. Complex simplicity. Habitual pursuits. As individuals, and as the whole of society, we strive continuously to make our lives easier to endure within the confines of our systematic culture. Humans constantly complicate things further with a frenzy…

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Mom’s supporting mom’s

Moms supporting Moms
❤ #Mommitment

Life With Waldo

This month is Mother’s day, and all mom’s know that sometimes being a mom is hard. Sometimes a mom just needs a little support.  That’s why Mommitment has created a fantastic month long event dedicated to uplifting and supporting all mom’s.


Just visit the Mommitment web page for more details and links on how to connect to this online facebook event.

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