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Blind Judgment

Beautiful piece & a wonderful reminder about perspective & kindness.
“They showed me that awareness does not necessarily equate to change. They reminded me that kindness and compassion is a choice we must constantly make.”

Raising Dystonia.

I was expecting a lovely afternoon at the park as I walked down the street with my sons toward the toddler playground near our house. It has a spider web climbing structure made out of rope that my boys were excited to play on. But when we got there, I was immediately met with one of my biggest pet peeves…older kids on the little kids’ playground. The five girls looked to be 13 or 14 and were more than old enough to be playing on the older kids’ playground 100 yards away. My good mood immediately shifted to annoyance as I hoped these girls did not disrupt the free play of my little boys.
I sat down in front of the giant spiderweb climbing structure. The idle chat of the teenage girls was amusing. They were very cute and giggly, as young girls are. They talked about the boys they…

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I frequently write about the struggle to find the bright side of life and motherhood, looking out for unexpected treasures, and committing random acts of photography in my adopted hometown of NYC.

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